What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsIf you’re worried about bedbugs invading your home, you should do everything possible to keep these pests away. There are certain techniques that can help combat this problem. However, some people are looking for natural repellants. Can you use certain scents to keep bedbugs away from your dwelling? When it comes to bedbug repellants, you’ll find that the Internet is overflowing with incorrect information. Is it possible to use scents to stop bedbugs from invading your home? Ultimately, you must remember that some methods work, but others do not.

Many pest control products contain bedbug pheromones that are released by baby bedbugs. It is essential to understand that this scent isn’t effective for deterring female bedbugs. Instead, it can only be used effectively against male bedbugs. Regardless, it is found in many products. Some people believe that essential oils are going to keep bedbugs away.

Is this the case? Can you defend your home from bedbugs by using essential oils? Ultimately, it depends on which type you’re using. This study from the US Department of Agriculture provides some insight into that. Certain essential oils can be beneficial for this purpose, but they’re not perfect. For instance, you can try using blood orange oil, silicone oil, and paraffin oil. They’ll help. Just remember that they’re not as effective as professional treatments.

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