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Bed Bug Heat Treatments in NYC

It is no big secret that bed bugs are a huge problem in the New York area. While their presence is growing throughout the world, they seem to be particularly bad in the NYC area. When you combine this with the mental anguish and the speed of their reproduction rates, this is probably why more and more people are opting for heat treatment as a solution to dealing with these critters. Thermal heat treatment is without a doubt one of the best options available and below you will discover why.

Why Does Heat Treatment Beat The Rest?

More and more pest control companies out there are starting to offer heat treatment as a solution to their customers and it really makes sense why. Not only is the treatment completely 100 percent safe for everyone involved, but also it is backed scientifically with proven results. Bed bugs like to get into some of the most troublesome spots like in electrical outlets, under baseboards, in furniture, and behind wallpaper. Bed bugs are even capable of getting in nail hole sized cracks and spots in drywall.

This makes the troublesome critter extremely difficult to eradicate with lesser treatments, but this is exactly where heat treatments can come in handy, as it will penetrate these surfaces and eliminate the pest on contact.

How Exactly Does Heat Treatment Work?

When it comes right down to it, heat treatment is fairly easy to understand the concept. The first thing that you need to know is that bed bugs cannot survive in extreme heat. When they come into contact with temperatures of anywhere from 117 to 122 degrees F, their bodies will just shut down.

So essentially techs bring in specialized heaters and other equipment to raise the temperature in your home. These machines will be placed in each room and when that room reaches 122 degrees F it will effectively kill the bed bugs, larvae, and their eggs.

Is This Treatment Effective?

There are without a doubt tons of options when it comes to eliminating bed bugs, but heat treatments are probably one of the most effective on the market. Sure, the heat is going to eradicate any bed bug that it comes into contact with, but that doesn’t mean it will come into contact with every single bug. Bed bugs are pretty smart and there might even be some that will be able to escape. If a bug can travel out of the home and get to safety before it comes into contact with this heat it will probably survive only to return late. This is rare, but it is always a possibility.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

Each company out there is going to be different, but the standard form most bed bug heat treatments are right around two hours. Raising the heat for a good two hours should be sufficient enough to kill any bed bug that is exposed inside the home. You, your pets, and your family can quickly re-enter the home right after the treatment is over. This is something that sets heat treatment apart from pesticides and other chemicals, which require you to be out of the home for hours and sometimes even days.

What Can You Expect?

You will have to evacuate the home during the heat treatment due to the fact that the home will become extremely hot. Every company is different, but you can probably expect to be out of the home for two to three hours. The great thing is that you can reenter the home right after the treatment is complete and heat is without a doubt one of the quickest and most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs in the New York area.

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