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About Our Bed Bug Freezing Techniques in NYC

Eliminating Bed Bugs In NYC With Cryonite Freezing Treatments

Technology is always evolving and changing in the bed bug industry. One of the most recent additions in the industry is Cryonite treatment. While this non-toxic type of treatment has been utilized in the European and Australian areas for a number of years now, it is just starting to make an appearance in the NYC area. Not only can this technology be utilized to kill bed bugs, but also it can kill out a variety of other pests and critters without the need for follow-up treatments and visits.

This new innovative technology basically involves spraying a carbon dioxide type mist that immediately reaches a negative 110 degrees F. At these temperatures, the mist has the ability to kill most pests and critters on contact.

Utilizing Cryonite Freezing Treatments To Eliminate Whole Home Infestations

Cryonite treatment is also sometimes referred to as dry ice, as it works in a similar manner. The carbon dioxide emitted during this treatment is automatically converted from an ice or snow form into a gas, which makes it extremely potent and effective for killing out bed bugs. Bed bugs like to get into some of the hardest to reach places like outlets, inside walls, under furniture, and in baseboards. Not to mention that they reproduce extremely fast so once they invade the home it doesn’t take them long to spread and take over.

Cryonite can easily help combat these conditions, as it can be directly sprayed right into electrical outlets, on baseboards, around furniture, and immediately kill out any bug that it comes into contact with. These parameters make the treatment extremely effective for dealing with the whole home or workplace infestations. Due to the fact that it is non-toxic the treatment really shouldn’t hinder your day-to-day life.

How Does The Treatment Process Work?

Most homeowners and business owners don’t really understand how this type of treatment works and that is okay. It really is kind of self-explanatory and easy to understand when you get right down to it. As you know by now technicians utilize a machine that emits a carbon dioxide type of vapor that is extremely cold. This vapor is pressurized and as soon as it comes into contact with a bed bug’s thin body it instantly freezes and kills them. The vapor also possesses the ability to kill off eggs and larvae on instant contact as well.

The vapor is extremely effective due to the fact that it can easily travel into the hard to reach areas where pesticides and other treatments might not be able to reach. It can penetrate behind wallpaper, under baseboards, and in electrical outlets without damaging the surrounding area or poisoning you, your pets, or your family.

Why You Should Opt For Cryonite

It is pretty obvious by now that there are tons of perks associated with Cryonite freezing treatments. The biggest probably being that it is 100 percent safe for everyone involved. You won’t even have to evacuate the home during the treatment process.

When you combine this with the fact that it is cost-friendly and it won’t disrupt your regular daily life, you are truly looking at one scientifically proven method that could completely change the bed bug industry for the better.

Cryonite Treatment

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