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The cockroach is an insect species, with around 4,000 members. The insect can be found throughout the United States. Americans report cockroach sightings in houses, hotels, laundry mats, subways, landfills, college dorms, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities. There is no place 100 percent protected from the cockroach.

Contrary to belief, some cockroach species do not invade homes. Instead, they invade public sewage systems, damaged gutters, public pools, water plants, and garbage dumps. Most members of the species share the same features, including six legs, two long antennas, tail beard, and segmented abdomen. They range between light brown and black, depending on the species.

Most Common Cockroach Species Living In The United States?

There are two primary cockroach species found inside the American borders. These species include the American and German cockroaches. Learn more about the American cockroach and German cockroach by reading the content provided below.

American Cockroach Species

The American cockroach full-grown measures about two inches. The size may depend on the insect’s ability to access food regularly and living conditions. The body ranges between light brown and reddish/brown. A less noticeable feature utilized for identification purposes is the head plate, which features a single vertical line.

The American cockroach has flying capabilities, even with its large size. The insect has a lifespan in a controlled environment of up to three years. From the time, the adult female deposits her egg in a nest, it can take two more years for the cockroach to reach maturity. The insect can live and an additional 12 months, equaling a three-year lifespan in controlled environments.

The American cockroach can be found living around steam tunnels, public sewage systems, and garbage dumps. The insect is drawn to stagnant water on properties with inefficient drainage systems.

German Cockroach Species

The German cockroach grows up to 5/8 inches in length. The body ranges between light brown and dark brown. Unlike the American cockroach‘s head plate, the German cockroach‘s head plate has two vertical stripes. Entomologists have deemed the two vertical stripes as “racing stripes.”

The German cockroach is known for being a prolific breeder. The adult female can produce up to five egg capsules that are capable of holding up to 40 eggs each in her lifetime. The insect features long antennas, three sets of legs, and wings that are not utilized for flying.

The German cockroach is known for infesting houses, grocery stores, diners, cafeterias, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens. The insect builds its nest in dark, damp, and discrete locations, such as underneath the sink, appliances, and garbage bins.

Other Cockroach Species To Know

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach Species

The species consists of both genders, male and female. The male is the larger of the two genders, measuring about one inch in length. The male’s female counterpart is about ¼ inch shorter at ¾ inches in length. The female has shorter legs than the male.

The Pennsylvania wood cockroach invades homes only rarely by mishap. The insect is out foraging for food when it enters an entry point into a home. This is not an intentional move on the cockroach‘s part.

The female Pennsylvania wood cockroach does not lay eggs indoors. Instead, she builds her nest outside in damaged wood siding or shingles, clogged rain gutters, and piles of firewood or lumber.

Spotted-Mediterranean Cockroach Species

The spotted-Mediterranean cockroach ranges between tan and light brown. The adult grows up to one-third of an inch in length. The insect has six legs and two antennas.

The Spotted-Mediterranean cockroach dates back to the mid-1900s in the United States from, derived from Europe. The species does invade homes. Their flying capability is limited to short distances.

Oriental Cockroach Species

The adult male Oriental cockroach grows up to 1.25 inches in length. The adult female is about ½ an inch shorter than its male counterpart. The body ranges between dark brown and solid black. The insect features three sets of legs and two very long antennas. 

The female builds her nest in abandoned buildings and public sewage systems. The Oriental cockroach diet consists of rotting organic material, fecal matter, and rubbish.

Smokey Brown Cockroach Species

The smokey brown cockroach grows up to 1.5 inches in length. The body ranges between dark brown and reddish/brown. The cockroach is known to travel in shipping crates from one state to another.

Surinam Cockroach Species

The Surinam cockroach grows up to 0.75 inches in length. The body ranges between tan and light brown in coloration. The insect is drawn to warm climates and the indoors. The adult male builds her nest in greenhouses.

The adult female carries her egg capsule inside her body.

Brown-Banded Cockroach Species

The adult grows up to 0.5 inches long. The body ranges between light brown and tan. The cockroach shares many of the same features as the German cockroach. The head plate features two dark vertical racing stripes.

The Brown-banded cockroach sightings are less common than the other species.

Why Is There A Cockroach Nest Underneath My Range?

Some cockroach species are drawn to the indoors. Others accidentally invade homes through entry points like foundation vents, public utility passages, and damaged siding. The cockroach builds its nest in dark and moist areas that offer discretion to avoid detection.

The prolific breeder produces capsules to store her eggs until they hatch. Some species prefer outdoor living to indoors.

Should I Be Worried About My Children’s Health?

Yes, cockroaches spread diseases through contaminated water and food sources. Cockroaches feed on food products stored in vulnerable containers. The insects can chew through think plastic, paper, and paperboard to access non-perishable food.

The cockroach does not have stinging capabilities. However, the insect does transmit disease to humans through contaminated fecal material. When the insect infiltrates your non-perishable food supply, it is crucial to dispose of it immediately. Anyone who ingests the contaminated food will be at risk of a foodborne illness, such as salmonella and E. coli.

What Cockroach Treatment Is Most Effective?

Pest control services are broken down into do-it-yourself and professional. DIY cockroach management is suitable for mild cases. Over-the-counter insecticides are cost-efficient and standard grade. They are not powerful enough to wipe out a full-blown cockroach infestation.

Professional cockroach treatment is recommended for mild to severe infestation. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and commercial-grade insecticides to eradicate cockroach infestation.

Cockroach treatment should also include a doable, realistic cleaning schedule and updated household waste disposal routine. It is crucial to remove all potential food and water sources. Repair leaky pipes, store non-perishable food in resealable containers and conduct visual inspections of your home to combat cockroaches.

How Long Does It Take For Your Company To Process A Pest Control Service Request?

Our customer support is knowledgeable, efficient, and accessible. We will schedule you an appointment for a free cockroach inspection. It will take about 48 hours to process your service request.

What Does The EPA Say About Cockroach Pesticides?

The US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” is a federal agency responsible for monitoring the production and sale of pest control products. The agency works with manufacturers to ensure their pest control products meet their safety requirements. Over-the-counter pesticides contain chemicals that are not always environmentally friendly. It is crucial that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a tee.

What Is The Most Effective Strategy To Keep Cockroaches Out Of My Home?

The only way to keep cockroaches out of your home is to deter them. You can do this by removing all potential food and water sources. Cockroaches are drawn to damp areas like basements, crawlspaces, gutter systems, shower stalls, and underneath kitchen sinks. These pests are always foraging for food products storage in vulnerable packaging.

We suggest transitioning from manufacturing paperboard packaging to glass or hard plastic containers with lids. Routinely vacuum cupboards, countertops, around trash bins, dining tables, and kitchen cabinets.

Teach your family how to detect cockroaches and what to do when they are detected in or around your home.

We Offer Cockroach Control Solutions in NYC

Cockroaches are a serious problem and they’re really capable of impacting any home in the state of New York. With this in mind, you should not mistakenly believe that you’re never going to become a victim of roaches. Even if you do everything humanly possible to keep your home clean, there is still a chance that roaches are going to enter your home. Just remember that you do not have to conquer this problem on your own. Our company can help. We’ve helped countless New Yorkers and we’re confident that we’ll be able to help you too.

The Dangers

The truth of the matter is that cockroaches are incredibly dangerous. They can carry and transmit diseases. This problem is serious and it cannot be allowed to linger. In fact, letting the problem linger is putting yourself, your family, and your pets at risk. The dangers are immense. As soon as you’ve determined that you’re dealing with a roach infestation, you need to stop what you’re doing and get in touch with us. We’ll fix this problem in a jiffy for you.

The Solution

Unfortunately, cockroaches are a far more difficult problem than you could ever imagine. You could run out and invest in over-the-counter solutions. They might work, but there is a good chance that they will not. With this in mind, you should avoid the potential headache and get in touch with us. Our company can rectify this problem quickly and easily. We have the right tools and equipment. Plus, our technicians have been trained thoroughly. They’ll be sure to take care of this problem for you in a hurry.

The Safest

It is essential to understand that some solutions are not safe for you, your pets, or your loved ones. You should never take that risk! If you do, there is a good chance that something is going to go wrong. Your loved one might suffer from an asthma attack due to the chemicals in the atmosphere. You should always aim to avoid the risks. One of the best ways to do that is by working with us. Our company knows how to kill roaches without putting anyone in harm’s way.

Why Choose Us?

At the end of the day, we’re not the only cockroach exterminator in the NYC area. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that we’re the best. We know that we can remedy your problem in the quickest and most convenient way possible. What sets us apart from our toughest competition? You’ll find out below.

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