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Earwigs are regularly pests in our area. They belong to the Dermaptera order. When you see an earwig, you’re going to know what it is quickly. They’re easy to identify thanks to their unique bodies and short arms. They have appendages that are called cerci. They often use them to pinch people. The size of the cerci can help determine which gender you’re dealing with. Male earwigs have larger and curvier cerci. Today, researchers have identified at least 900 unique species belonging to the Dermaptera family. While some earwigs have wings, many do not.

You’ve likely heard the myth about earwigs climbing into ears and laying eggs in human brains. Don’t worry. Earwigs don’t do this.

Reasons For Earwigs

Earwigs are unique because they want to enter your home during hot, dry weather. In spring and summer, these pests will likely try to find a way to sneak into your home. They would prefer living in dark, warm locations. If they can find a way to sneak inside, they’ll have access to countless hiding places. You’ll also find that these pests are nocturnal. Therefore, they’re not going to be visible during the day. They’ll stay hidden until the lights go out.

Then, they’ll come out to find food. They tend to consume arthropods such as fleas and mites. If you have a flea infestation, you’re likely going to encounter earwigs too.


Despite the myths, you can rest comfortably knowing that earwigs aren’t going to hurt you. Still, earwigs can become a major nuisance in your home. Earwigs can use their cerci to pinch your skin. Thankfully, they’re not going to hurt you. They’re usually not strong enough to break your skin. The primary concern with earwigs is the fact that they’re going to destroy your plants. They will also feed on organic materials.

Eliminating Earwigs

You’ll need to remove the earwigs in your home as quickly as possible. They’re not going to leave unless you get rid of them. It is typically best to target the earwigs residing outside of your home. The best way to do that is by targeting the things that earwigs like. For instance, they’re attracted to moisture and light. If you have any moisture problems around your home, deal with them. Fix leaks and downspout issues. You’ll also want to prevent light from seeping out of your home. Seal around your doors and block your windows. You can also begin using sodium vapor yellow lights because these pests do not like them as much.

We’re Ready

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Safest Treatments

We aim to provide our clients with the safest earwig treatments. You can count on us to keep you safe from start to finish. When possible, our technicians will eliminate the earwigs in your home using natural methods. They’re safer and equally effective. Plus, we’re only going to use products that are approved by the EPA. Let us eliminate your pests. When you let us help you, you can sleep comfortably knowing everything will be okay.

Preventing Earwigs

Finally, you should do your best to prevent earwigs from invading your property. Thankfully, there are several ways to achieve this. First, you should keep your home dark at night. Use dark, thick curtains to prevent the lights from coming through the windows. You’ll also want to seal around your doors. If you find any leaks or moisture issues, you have to fix these problems. Try using sodium vapor yellow lights because they’re less attractive.

When earwigs are found in your home, call our office so we can take care of them.

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