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Alpha offers bed bug cleaning services to residents who need to prepare for a bed bug treatment. Bed bugs are very elusive creatures and we are intently dedicated to repelling them before they raid your home, suitcases, beds, closets, and couches. The first step of the prevention process is relatively simple. First, we simply sanitize your covers, along with your bedding and other pieces of furniture that are vulnerable to bed bug attacks. This step is an absolute necessity because specific chemicals are designed to ward off these insidious creatures. Not to mention, they are repulsed by cleanliness, and would rather harbor in a hiding spot that has been festering with uncleanliness for years.


Once the sanitizing step is complete, we proceed to the next vital prevention step in the overall process-dismantling. When your bed is dismantled, we separate the head board from the footboard, along with the bed frame. This is a vital step for a few key reasons. It gives your exterminator the prized opportunity to not only inspect your bed for bugs, but to utilize preventative treatments that prevent these creatures from raiding your furniture.


Alpha recognizes that bed bugs are not constrained to bed only. They tend to raid any enclosed dark space, including the groves of your couch, or even the interior portion of your dresser drawers, etc. This company will completely inspect and empty your drawers, as well as your nightstands, shelves, and all other bedroom furniture that requires a prevention treatment. Because bed bugs exist in such prolific numbers, they sometimes hide in the confines of clothing toys, and other portions of the household. Even picture frames have the potential to carry both bed bugs and bed bugs eggs. For this reason, Alpha Bed Bug Cleaning NYC will thoroughly inspect and protect each of these belongings, safeguarding them with a prevention treatment. Every one of the above-mentioned items will be vacuumed and washed by one of our professionals.

Vacuuming Bed Bugs

Our services rely on innovative, state of the art equipment in order to ward off these pesky creatures. With the aid of a HEPA MITE vacuum, which is specifically structured to remove bugs from furniture, springs, and mattresses, we will vacuum all pieces of property that are susceptible to bed bugs-including picture frames, and bed frames.

Steaming Bed Bugs & Eggs

Using our highly effective steaming method, we scour your personal property or bed bugs and bed bug eggs and exterminate them on site. If the vacuum method fails to remove these creatures from your personal property, the streamer will certainly do.


Bed bugs are incredibly clever at hiding, and they can even embed themselves in your clothing and your portable belongings. What does this mean for you? It means that you run the risk of transporting these bugs to other places, thereby subjecting others to the same horrors. Utilizing a garment steamer, we can remove all risk factors associated with bed bugs from your clothing pieces, whether they are cotton, polyester, etc. Leather and suede are sanitized in a specific fashion, through innovative heating devices that we provide.

You will also have your clothing items protected within the bounds of a safe laundry bag. While placed in plastic bags, your belongings will remain safe during the extermination process.

Perimeter Preparation

Using this process, all major furniture pieces and tables are removed three feet from the wall in order to permit the full range of the extermination process.

Electrical Outlet Preparation

By preparing your electrical outlets, we can ensure that your electrical wiring is not compromised by the extermination process. This will allow extensive use of pesticide dust.

What Is A Bed Bug?

Perhaps you are questioning the importance of a service such as this. However, if you have ever experienced the discomfort, fear, and sheer annoyance associated with bed bugs, they may understand the critical need for this type of service. Many people throughout the globe have seen a rampant increase in these creatures in apartments, hotels, and homes, as well. It is critical to prevent these prolific pests because they can induce allergic reactions in some cases.

These bugs survive in a very specific and distinct way. They essentially crawl onto a human host and derive their nutrients from the host’s blood. When this occurs, the human host falls subject to allergic reactions and skin hives. The physical conditions associated with bed bug bites are very benign, but consistent skin rashes and reactions can prove especially bothersome.

Life Cycles

Everyone at our company understands that bed bugs develop and breed very rapidly, often proceeding through a number of developmental phases in a short period of time. As they continue to consume your blood, they grow in strength and they proceed to the next stage. What’s worse is that the female bugs lay thousands of eggs.


People incur different symptoms when they experience a bed bug bite. In fact, some people fail to develop any symptoms at all. But most often, a bed bug bite victim will break out in skin rashes that prove bothersome throughout the day. These rashes are often described as very inflamed and very itchy. It appears that some people have the desired blood type for bed bug parasites, and are more likely to experience these symptoms.

Bed bugs are very stealthy animals, and they often strike when you are sleep. They can detect body heat, and often make their parasitic move when you are not awake. Clearly, bed bugs can strike at virtually any time and cause a great degree of suffering for those who have them. In addition to experiencing daily rashes, they must simultaneously cope with the shame and embarrassment associated with having these bugs. Not to mention, they are simply disgusted with the idea of these parasites feeding on them in their sleep.

Prevention and Extermination

As discussed above, there are a number of different steps for the process of prevention and extermination. Why is prevention so important exactly? Because once bed bugs spread extensively, they are very difficult to get rid of. Entire apartments of people have been forced to relocate to a different residence, due to exacerbated bed bug issues. Furthermore, there is a host of home remedies that are believed to work, but rarely address the crux of the issue. Attacking bed bugs before the problem worsens is the key to maintaining a home free of these annoying little pests. This is because when they gradually invade the groves of your furniture, picture frames, suitcases, clothing, and bedding, the issue becomes very complicated.

Another key benefit of this service is that it helps businesses. Many businesses throughout the country had to shut down and lose important business because of serious bed bug raids. Matters were complicated for businesses who actually sold bedding to their customers because they exposed their customers to these pests. Hence, if you live in a region that is susceptible to bed bug issues, then you should consider using a bed bug prep service in order to fully secure your business.

We recognize that different bed bug infestations distinguish themselves in severity. If the above-mentioned bed bug prevention techniques do not work, our staff will take additional measures to make sure that your home is bed bug-free. This is crucial because some bed bug issues are so severe, that they can only be addressed properly through extreme measures. This bug cleaning service that NYC has to offer you is very experienced and reputable in its field.

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