Box Elder Bugs

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When most people think of pests, the ant, cockroach, termite, and flea come to mind. The box elder bug “boxelder bug” is the furthest thing from your mind. Why? The box elder bug is an overwintering pest. Unlike the aforementioned pests, the overwintering pest only makes its presence once or twice a year. In late fall, the overwintering box elder bug comes out of hiding beginning in the late summer or fall. The purpose of this is to give the insect enough time to find a warm, secure hiding place before the onset of winter.

Box elder bugs are vulnerable to extremely cold weather, which is why they strive to secure a hiding place indoors. The insects cluster together around the entrance of homes and businesses. They can also be found hanging around windows, crawlspace vents, heating & and air conditioning ducts, skylights, chimneys, and attic vents.

Why Do I See Box Elder Bugs Clustered Around My Windows?

As previously mentioned, box elder bugs cluster around potential access points into commercial and residential buildings. The insect is not intelligent enough to know the window is a clear glass panel. Instead, they probably think there is no barrier there, so they can pass through. Fortunately, this is not the case. Can you imagine if your windows were not protected by glass panels during the overwintering process? Box elder bugs would pile into your home until they become an infestation.

Do Box Elder Bugs Carry Dangerous Diseases?

There is no scientific evidence that supports such claims. In fact, entomologists believe the box elder bug is more of a pest and less of a health hazard.

What Approach Should You Take To Eradicate Box Elder Bugs?

There are various treatments options for box elder bugs. However, these treatments are not effective for all bed bug problems. While some are effective for only a few box elder bugs, others are more suitable for full-blown infestations. Box elder bug infestations are rated between mild to severe.

Your treatment options include pyrethrin-based pesticides, traps, and cryonite. Our licensed exterminators can help you determine which treatment is more suitable for your bed bug problem. For severe infestations, we recommend cryonite because it kills the insects within 15 to 45 minutes in many cases.

Can Property Owners Tackle Box Elder Bugs Without Professional Help?

Do-it-yourself pest control is suitable for some cases. When it is determined, there are only a few box elder bugs present, over-the-counter pesticides and traps will do the trick. Severe infestations need a more drastic pest management approach. We will work with you to determine which is the best way to deal with your box elder bug problem.

If you are comfortable with DIY pest control, do not hesitate to put it to the test. Before you do, it is important to note, over-the-counter pest management products are standard strength formulas. We recommend commercial– and industrial-grade pest control products for severe pest infestations.

When Can I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive At My Home?

Once your pest control service request is processed, a customer support representative will contact you. We will contact you via your preferred contact method – email, phone, or social media. It can take between 24 and 48 hours in most cases to process your service request.

Do Box Elder Bug Pesticides Pose A Danger To Humans?

Traditional pesticides contain chemicals that are not eco-friendly. To protect the environment, pesticide manufacturers have joined forces with the US Environmental Protection Agency. The percentage of chemicals utilized in over-the-counter pesticides is limited to protect the environment.

What Can I Do To Protect My Home From Future Box Elder Bugs?

We recommend routine home inspections by our professional box elder bug experts. You can also help by conducting DIY home inspections between our visits. Call our local office today. A helpful customer support representative will schedule you an appointment to meet with one of our qualified pest control experts.

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