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Why NYC Residents Are Choosing Our Mice And Rat Removal Services

Mice and rats are truly troublesome pests. Unfortunately, living in the NYC area you are likely to encounter these critters at least once in your life. This is especially true if you are investing in an older home. These pests can get inside the walls, gnaw on electrical wires, and destroy drywall or plaster. Not to mention that they are going to leave contaminated droppings everywhere. Breathing in these droppings day to day can lead to serious health concerns. This is just one of the many reasons that more and more NYC residents are opting for our mice and rat removal services.

Helping Your Prevent Future Infestations

At the end of the day, there is a reason that you are currently dealing with your infestation. Maybe you left food out, maybe you have clutter or maybe you have unsealed spaces in your attic or the basement. Whatever the situation is, there is some reason that the mice and rats are there. Our highly trained techs will not only make your precious home pest-free, but they will help you determine why the infestation is there and how you can prevent a future infestation.

Proper Trap Placement

Most homeowners think that they can just run out and buy a bunch of peanut butter and wooden traps to eradicate their rat infestation. Sure, this is a good start, but it really boils down to more than that. It comes down to the proper placement of the traps as well. Not to mention that these traps are going to kill or harm the critter. Sure, you want them gone from your home, but do you really want to harm them? Our techs not only safely remove rats and mice from the home, but we can show you how to properly place the traps.

Traps should be place perpendicular to walls with the trigger section facing the baseboard. This ensures that the rat will run directly into the bait rather than running over it.

Continuing Education

You would be surprised to learn how much education and art there is to catch rats and mice. This is why we make sure that our techs are always trained to the highest levels with the highest knowledge. We require our techs and inspectors to attend continuing education classes every year. These classes usually include new technological advances and more effective ways to capture rats and mice. Our company goes extra lengths to ensure that our techs are trained with the highest level of knowledge so that they can serve the NYC area in the most effective manner possible.

Why We’re Best

Our company is best for numerous reasons. Some of the most notable will be listed below for your consideration.

  • We will do our best to humanely get rid of the rats and mice.
  • We’ve done everything possible to keep our prices reasonable.
  • Our solutions are safe and will not pose any health risks.
  • We will dispose of the rats and mice so you don’t have to.
  • We offer free quotes with no obligations.

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