Why a Bed Bug Dog in NYC may be your Best Option

Finding the healthiest and most effective method for ridding your home or business of pesky bed bugs can present its own set of unique challenges.  Thanks to advancements in technology, there are several options available for the average consumer when it comes to this task.  In fact, bed bug dogs in NYC are quickly becoming a popular choice for home and business owners around the state, and the reasons why are quite clear.

Unmatched Performance

Bed bug dogs in NYC are known for their ability to sense things that even the latest technologies cannot detect.  Due to a dog’s heightened sense of smell, he can sniff out those mattress critters more easily than a standard piece of equipment that only uses computer technology and human ingenuity to get the job done.

Reduction in Human Error

Sometimes, an extermination company cannot schedule your appointment for a while due to being overbooked.  This often causes the workers who do show up to feel rushed.  On top of that. Overworked staff may miss out on some things that are quite important to the bottom line.  Bed bug dogs in NYC can help to keep everything accurate, professional, and concise.  Indeed, they fill in the gaps created by human and equipment error.

Highly Trained and Reputable

You do not have to worry about the woes of having animals in your home when you opt for bed bug dogs in NYC.  Of course, you will still have to do some research on the companies that offer these services; but for the most part, bed bug dogs have quite a solid reputation.  They have been talked about on major networks such as ABC, NBC, and Dateline just to name a few.  With highly trained dogs and a high-quality business model, this method of bed bug extermination is gaining a lot of rightful acceptance.

A Chemical Free Solution

The reason why you want to get rid of the bed bugs in your home is probably that you wish to provide a safe and comfortable place for your loved ones or customers.  What sense does it make than to use a lot of nasty chemicals to rid your environment of mattress pests?  Bed bug dogs in NYC are a completely safe, chemical-free solution to your problems.  This cost-effective and competitively priced option beats conventional methods in this way and be used for both big and small jobs.

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