What You Can Learn From A Bed Bug Exterminator

Homeowners often run into problems that they’re completely unaware of. If you happen to have a plumbing problem, you’ll need to seek out assistance from a professional plumber. With their advice, you may be able to rectify the problem on your own. When suffering from a pest problem, you will want to speak with a professional exterminator. It is possible to learn a great deal from a bed bug exterminator in NYC. Below, you’ll learn about some of the things exterminators want all New York residents to know about bed bugs.


An Annoyance, But Not Dangerous

It is undeniably true that bedbugs are a great annoyance. They’re well known for their behavior, which includes hiding during the day and biting consistently throughout the night. Initially, you may feel like bedbugs could be incredibly dangerous. This isn’t true. Although there can be minor complications associated with bedbug bites, these pests are generally harmless. They’ve never been known to transmit disease, so they’re far less dangerous than others.


Always Evolving

Exterminators have learned about the evolution of bedbugs first hand. These pests have adapted surprisingly over the past few years and it has complicated things for exterminators. In the past, bedbugs were very easy to eliminate. A quick spray from a pesticide would kill the bugs without any problems. Today, this isn’t the case. Bedbugs have developed harder and thicker shells, which help to make them less vulnerable to pesticides. So, bedbugs have shown the ability to evolve and pesticides are no longer a viable solution.


Changing Behaviors

As mentioned above, bedbugs typically hide during the day and feed at night. However, it is essential to know that bedbugs are very versatile. They’re capable of changing their behavior, in order to ensure they’re able to access food. For instance, they’ll hide during the night and feed during the day, if you work at night. And, bedbugs are more than willing to attack your pets as well.



Identifying a bedbug infestation can be more difficult than you could ever imagine. Since these critters tend to hide when you’re awake, you may not be able to spot a living bedbug. Instead, you should consider looking for the telltale signs of an infestation. These bugs leave behind a major mess and this is truly the best way to identify an infestation. Look for red bite marks on your body, brown excrement stains on your sheets, and red bloodstains on your bed. The bugs may also emit a musty odor.

If you’re unable to confirm their presence on your own, you can hire a New York exterminator to perform a thorough examination of your home.


Any Home

Unfortunately, bedbugs are not picky. Many consumers have formed the misconception that bedbugs only target filthy homes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. These pests truly have no preference. They’re more than willing to target any home, including those that are incredibly clean and those that are filthy. Although it might be possible to take precautions, stopping an infestation entirely isn’t always a possibility. So, speak with exterminators in your area and be ready for an infestation, because you never know when one will happen!

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