What Bed Bug Exterminators Are Saying About Infestations

It is not a big secret that bed bugs are making a big come back throughout all parts of the world. In fact, since early 2000, the numbers of bed bug infestations have risen by 81%. This resurgence has homeowners scrambling to the Internet searching for every bit of knowledge they can learn about bed bugs. There is nothing wrong with this, because the Internet has a wealth of knowledge. However, you sure know that not everything you read online is exactly true. Understanding the basics and the truth about bed bugs might be the difference between controlling an infestation and letting it spread out of control.

Examining Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are not known to carry or transmit diseases. However, the bites can itch, and it is possible that the bites can become infected if they are constantly picked at. It should also be a well know fact that not everyone physically reacts to bed bugs bites. In fact, some people don’t even know their home their homes are infected until they actually spot a bug or evidence of the bugs. This basically means that you could be getting bit, while you are sleeping, but not be showing signs.

Nocturnal Creatures

It has been a long time myth that these critters are nocturnal. Yes, they like to hide when you are awake and come out to feed in the late hours of the night, while you are sleeping. However, these bugs are incredibly smart and adaptive. For instance, if you work at night and sleep during the day these bugs will completely change their feeding habits. They will train themselves to sleep during the night and feed on you during the day, while you sleep.

Clutter And Dirt

Another major misconception is that bed bugs only inhabit dirty and cluttered homes. This is completely untrue. Bed bugs have been reported in some of the nicest and cleanest homes in the world. However, the clutter does give the bugs more places to hide and dwell, but as far as attracting the bugs it does not matter.

Self Treatment

Trying to treat a bed bug infestation on your own can be very difficult. It is always best to seek professional bed bug exterminators in Manhattan, NY. The reasons you want to see out professional help is because it can be difficult to kill bed bugs with pesticides alone. In fact, the bugs have become immune to some of these pesticides over the years.


Foggers are also not very effective in killing or controlling bed bugs. Because, they can cause the bugs to spread to other parts of the home, or just hide deeper in the walls. On top of all of this, bed bugs are capable of reproducing at an alarming rate. Female bed bugs can produce three to four generations of bugs in one year depending on the conditions in the home. This amounts to about one to five eggs every day, which are about the size of a pinhead. Meaning they will be incredibly hard to spot.

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