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Bedbugs are making a comeback, taking over commercial and residential establishments throughout the United States. Not only are bedbugs disturbing, but also they will leave devastating damage everywhere they go. You are not going to have time to delay when you discover that infestation in your home. Bedbug infestations can manifest and spread extremely quickly, which is why it is crucial to stop them in their tracks. Below, you will discover more information about bed bug treatment in NYC.

Skilled Technicians

Extermination companies operate very efficiently to eradicate household pest infestations. When the home or business owner contacts the company, a representative instantly sets up an in-home estimate appointment. During this appointment, the technician will investigate your entire home, looking for bedbug nests. These nests can reside anywhere, but they are often found in bedrooms, where the host sleeps. Do not be surprised, if you see the technician lift up your bed linen and bedding. These areas are the most common hiding places for bed bugs.

What Is The Technician Looking For?

Bed bugs leave devastating messes everywhere they go, so anyone that is familiar with these little critters will know exactly what to look for. Exoskeletons, dried blood, foul odor, and fecal stains are the most common signs of an infestation. Bedbugs will hide in your bed linen and bedding until you fall asleep. Once you begin snoring, the bedbug will begin making its way toward you and begin preparing to feast on your blood.

Importance Of A Blood Meal

Insects and parasites are similar to humans and animals, in that they cannot survive without eating. An adult bedbug can potentially survive for nearly a year, without eating. However, most of these critters are forced to live in harsh environments, so they are lucky to survive more than a few months. A blood meal is extremely important for a parasite because it helps them flourish, grow, and reproduce. A young bedbug will grow at a more rapid speed if they can obtain a frequent blood meal.

Itchy Bug Bites

Bedbugs have a very strong feeding tube that must be injected into the host’s skin, before each feeding. Luckily for hosts, these pests do not carry or spread diseases, but they do leave itchy bug bites behind. Many victims will only exhibit a few raised bumps, while others will experience a localized rash. If you are allergic to bedbugs, you may experience a more severe reaction, which is known as anaphylaxis. If you begin to exhibit shortness of breath, increased heart rate, or confusion, you should immediately seek emergency assistance. If you only exhibit a mild allergic reaction try to keep the affected area clean and dry. Avoid itching if at all possible, since this could potentially lead to a skin infection.

Reputable Extermination Company

A severe bedbug infestation will be nearly impossible to eradicate, especially for someone that has never dealt with this type of situation before. If you find yourself lost on what to do, you should immediately contact bed bugs treatment in NYC. A reputable extermination company will immediately begin preparing you for the treatment process.

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